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The present series, entitled “Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collec- 
tions,” is intended to embrace all the publications issued directly by 
the Smithsonian Institution in octavo form; those in quarto constitut- 
ing the “ Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge.” The quarto series 
includes memoirs, embracing the records of extended original investi- 
gations and researches, resulting in what are believed to be new truths, 
_and constituting positive additions to the sum of human knowledge. 
The octavo series is designed to contain reports on the present state of 
our knowledge of particular branches of science; instructions for col- 
lecting and digesting facts and materials for research; lists and synopses 
of species of the organic and inorganic world; museum catalogues; 
reports of explorations; aids to bibliographical investigations, etc., 
generally prepared at the express request of the Institution, and at its 

In the Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge, as well as in the 
present series, each article is separately paged and indexed, and the 
actual date of its publication is that given on its special title-page, and 
not that of the volume in which it is placed. In many cases works 
have been published and largely distributed, years before their com- 

bination into volumes. 

Secretary S. I. 


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1861-1896. By MartHa Doan. 1899. Pp. 26. 

By A. ©. Lanemurr AND CHARLES BASKER- 
VILLE. 1899. Pp. 29. 

((1253.) A Setzcot BrBLIoGRAPHY OF CHEMISTRY, 

1492-1897. By H.C. Boxron. Sxotion VIII. 

(1258.) ON THE CHEAPEST Form oF Licnt. By 
S. P. Lanatey anp F. W. Very. 1901. Pp. 
20. Plates I-III. 

. (1259.) List oF OBSERVATORIES. 1902. Pp. 48. 

MAN. 1902. Pp. iil, 373. 

Henry P. Tatpor and JoHN W. Brown. 
1902. Pp. viii, 124. 

Century. By H.C. Botton. 1902. Pp. ii, 15. 


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The Knickerbocker Press, Hew Work 


WASHINGTON, July 6th, 1898. 

The Committee on Indexing Chemical Literature, appointed in 
1882 by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, 
has voted to recommend to the Smithsonian Institution for publication 
the following :— 


by Miss Martha Doan. 


Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution. 

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Page SABA 



1861: 1. W.Crooxzs. (Discovery.) 

Chem. News, 3, 193, 303; Am. J. Sci. [2], 32, 411; Phil. Mag. [4], 21, 
301; Bull. Soc. chim., 3, 211, 289; Chem. Centrbl., 1861, 496; N. 
Arch. ph. nat., 11, 160; Jsb., 1861, 44, 130. 

1862: 1. A. Lamy. (Discovery, occurrence, and extraction—Proper- 
ties and compounds.) 

Ann. chim. phys. [8], 67, 385, 418; Am. J. Sci. [2], 35, 2738; Compt. 
rend., 54, 1255; 55, 836; J. pharm. [8], 42, 81; Ann. der. Phys. 
Pogg., 116, 495 ; Ann. Chem. Liebig, 124, 215 ; Bull. Soc. chim., 4, 
291; 5, 81; Instit., 1862, 416; Phil. Mag. [4], 24, 185; N. Arch. ph. 
nat., 14, 400; 16, 77; Dingl. pol. J., 165, 284; Z. Chem. Phar., 1862, 
428; J. prakt. Chem., 86, 250; 88, 172, 362; Chem. News, 6, 29; 
Chem. Centrbl., 1862, 625; Zeit. Chem. Phar., 1863, 125; Jsb., 
1862, 176. 

. W. Crooxes. 

Proc. Roy. Soc., 12, 150; Chem. News, 6,1; Am. J. Sci. [2], 34, 275, 
409; Pharm. J. Trans. [2], 4, 63; Ann. Chem. Liebig, 124, 203; J. 
prakt. Chem., 88, 167; Chem. Centrbl., 1862, 808; Vierteljschr. 
Pharm., 12, 60; Bull. Soc. chim., 4, 404; Jsb., 1862. 

1862: 3. Reenavitr. (Specific heat.) 

Comptes. rend., 55, 887; Instit., 1862, 418; Ann. chim. phys. [3], 67, 
427; Ann, Chem. Liebig, 126, 82; Zeit. Chem. Phar., 1863, 94; Bull. 
Soc. chim., 5, 81; Jsb., 1862, 180. 



1862: 4. F. Kustmann. (Organic salts and estimation of Tl.) 
Compt. rend., 55, 607; Instit., 1862, 343; Ann. chim. phys. [3], 68, 
341; Ann. Chem. Liebig, 126, 75; J. prakt. Chem., 88, 175; 
Zeitschr. Chem. Phar., 1862, 690; Chem. Centrbl., 1863, 70; Bull. 
Soc. chim., 4, 408; Jsb., 1862, 187. 
1862: 5. pr LA ProvosrayEe. (Crystalline form of some organic 
salts. ) 
Compt. rend., 55, 610; Ann. Chem. Liebig, 126, 79; J. prakt, Chem., 
88, 178; Zeitschr. Chem. Phar., 1862, 693; Jsb., 1862, 187. 


1863: 1. W. A. Mititzr. (Spectrum.) 
Lond. R. Soc. Proc., 12, 407; Phil. Mag. [4], 26, 228; Chem. News, 7, 
146; N. Arch, ph. nat., 18, 359; Ann. chim. phys. [8], 69, 507; J. 
prakt. Chem., 91, 190; Chem. Centrbl., 1864, 246; Jsb., 1863, 112. 
1863: 2. R. Bérrerr. (Occurrence in salt waters.) 
Frank. phys. Ver., 1863, 1; Ann, Chem, Liebig, 128, 240, 868; J. 
prakt. Chem., 89, 878; 90, 145; Chem. Centrbl., 1863, 669; Jsb., 
1863, 185. 
1863: 3. EF. Kuntmann. (Lead-chamber deposits.) 
Compt. rend., 56, 171; Instit., 1868, 26 ; Ann. chim. phys. [38], 67, 428 ; 
Bull. Soc. chim., 5, 122; J. prakt. Chem., 88, 483; Dingl. pol. J., 
167, 455 ; Jsb., 1863, 246. 
1863: 4. A. Lamy. (Toxicological effects of Tl.) 
Compt. rend., 57, 442; Instit., 1863, 265; J. Pharm. [8], 44, 285; 
Chem. Centrbl., 1864, 287; J. prakt. Chem., 91, 866; Jsb., 1863, 255. 
1863: 5. W.T. Rorprer. (Occurrence in furnace products.) 
Am. J. Sci. [2]. 35, 420; Jsb., 1863, 246. 
1863: 6. Herreparu. (Occurrence in Bi.) 
Trans. Pharm. J., 4, 302; Jsb., 1863, 236, 243, 687. 
1863: 7. L. pE—E ta Rive. (Specific gravity and electrical conduc- 
Compt. rend., 56, 588; Instit., 1863, 983; N. Arch. ph. nat., 17, 67; 
Bull. Soc. chim., 6, 270; Ann. Chem. Liebig, 128, 128; Phil. Mag. 
[4], 26, 236; J. prakt. Chem., 91, 369; Chem. Centrbl., 1864, 404 ; 
Jsb., 1863, 249. 
1863: 8. Marrnuiessen and Voer. (Electrical conductivity. ) 
Ann. der Phys. Pogg., 118, 431; Phil. Mag. [4], 26, 542; Ann. Chem. 
Liebig, 128, 128; Bull. Soc. chim., 6, 270; Lond. R. Soc. Proc., 
12, 472 ; Jsb., 1863, 249. 
1863: 9. Gasstor. (Spectrum.) 
Lond. R. Soc. Proc., 12, 5386; Phil. Mag. [4], 27, 143; Chem. Centrbl., 
1864, 404 ; Jsb., 1868, 112. 
1863: 10. Crookes. (Preparation of Tl. in large amounts.) 
Chem. News, 8, 159; Rep. chim. app., 5, 485; J. pharm. [3], 45, 216; 
Chem. Centrbl., 1864, 401 ; Jsb., 1863, 246, 248. 
1863: 11. Crooxxs. (Priority of discovery.) 
Phil. Mag. [4], 26, 55; J. prakt. Chem., go, 19. 
1863: 12. W. <A. Mirrer. (Spectrum of Thallium.) 

Lond. R. Soc. Proc., 12, 407; Phil. Mag. [4], 26, 228; Chem. News, hs 
146; N. Arch. ph. nat., 18, 859; Ann. chim. phys. [3], 69, 507; J. 
prakt. Chem., 91, 190; Chem. Centrbl., 1864, 246 ; Jsb., 1863, 112. 

1863 : 

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1863 : 

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1863 : 

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1868 : 

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1863 : 


13. R. Borrerr. (Occurrence in salt water at Nauheim and 


Ann. Chem. Liebig, 127, 240, 368; Jour. prakt. Chem., 89, 378; go, 
145 ; Chem. Centrbl., 1863, 669 ; Jsb., 1863, 185. 

14. ErpMann. 
J. prakt. Chem., 89, 381 ; Chem. Centrbl., 1864, 403 ; Jsb., 1863, 250. 

15. Crookes and Cuurcu. (Thallium sesquichloride.) 
Chem. News, 8, 1; Chem. Centrbl., 1864, 411; Jsb., 1863, 250. 

16. Wittm. (Ammonium derivatives of TICI,.) 
Bull. Soc. chim., 5, 354; Zeitschr. Chem. Pharm., 1863, 751; Chem. 
Centrbl., 1864, 410; Jsb., 1863, 251. 

17. Crooksrs. (Nitrate, perchlorate.) 
Chem. News, 8, 195; Jsb., 1863, 252. 

(Phosphate, carbonate.) 
Chem. News, 8, 219; 8, 281; Jsb., 1863, 253. 

(Sulphate, chromates, acetate. ) 
Chem. News, 8, 248; 8, 255; 8, 279; Jsb., 1863, 255. 

(All these salts.) 
Chem. Centrbl., 1864, 405 ; Zeitschr. anal. Chem., 2, 201. 

18. R.Bérrerr. (New method of obtaining Tl. from flue dust. 
Its properties and compounds. ) 

Jsb. Frank. phys. Ver., 1863,4; Ann. Chem. Liebig, 128, 248; J. 
prakt. Chem., 90, 151; Rep. chim. app., 5, 485; Jsb., 1863, 248. 

19. Paver. (Poisonous properties of TI.) 
Compt. rend., 57, 494; Instit., 1863, 290; Chem. Centrbl., 1864, 287 ; 
Jsb., 1863, 255. 

20. GRANDEAU. (Poisonous properties of TL.) 
Instit., 1863, 333; Jsb., 1863, 256. 
21. R. Bérrenr. (Method of obtaining Tl. from lead-chamber 
deposits. Some Tl. compounds.) 
Jsb. des Frank. phys. Ver., 1861-62, 58 ; Ann. Chem. Liebig, 127, 175; 
J. prakt. Chem., go, 22 ; Vierteljahrsschr. pr. Phar., 12, 365 ; Chem. 
Centrbl., 1863, 404; Dingl. pol. J., 168, 488; Ann. chim. phys. [3], 
78, 500; Bull. Soc. chim., 5, 451; Jsb., 1863, 45. 

22. Scurérrer. (Occurrence in lepidolite and mica.) 
Wien. Akad. Ber. [2], 48, 734; J. prakt.Chem., g1, 45; Chem.Centrbl., 
1864, 864; Instit., 1864, 70; Chem. News, g, 169 ; Jsb., 1864, 245. 
23. V.v. Lane. (Crystal form and optical properties of Tl, 
Phil. Mag. [4], 25, 248; Ann. Chem. Liebig, 128, 76; Ann. der Phys. 
Pogg., 118, 630; Bull. Soc. chim., 5, 453; Chem. Centrbl., 1864, 
144; Jsb., 1863, 254. 

1864 : 

1864 : 


1864 : 

1864 : 

1864 : 

1864 : 



1864 : 

1864 : 

1864 : 


1. G. Werruer. (Determination as iodide.) 

Zeitschr. anal. Chem., 3, 1; J. prakt. Chem., 93, 893 ; Chem. Centrbl., 
1864, 987; J. Pharm. [3], 46, 306; Jsb., 1864, 712. 

2. A. Lamy. (Alcoholates.) 

Ann. chim. phys. [4], 3, 373; Compt. rend., 59, 780; Instit., 1864, 
370; J. Pharm. [4], 1, 211; Chem. News, 10, 268; Chem. Centrbl., 
1865, 303; Am. J. Sci. [2], 39, 220; Jsb., 1864, 463. 

: 3. W. Crookes. (Oxalates.) 

Chem. News, 9, 1; Bull. Soc. chim. [2], 1, 278; Chem. Centrbl., 1864, 
410; Jsb., 1864, 254. 
4. W. Crookes. (Solubility of Tl. salts.) 
Chem. News, 9, 37; Bull. Soc. chim. [2], 1, 266; Jsb., 1864, 256. 

5. Erpmann. (Action of Thallium carbonate on vegetable 
colors. ) 

J. prakt. Chem., 91, 317; Chem. Centrbl., 1864, 941; J. Pharm. [3], 
46, 463; Jsb., 1864, 250. . 

6. ScuHénpern. (Behavior of Tl. in presence of O and H,0O,.) 
J. prakt. Chem., 93, 35; Bull. Soc. chim. [2], 3, 180; Jsb., 1864, 170. 

7. A. Scurérrer. (Separation of Li., Rb., Cs., and Tl. in 
lepidolite and mica.) 
Wien. Akad. Ber. [2], 50, 268; J. prakt. Chem., 93, 275; N. Jahr. 
Pharm., 23, 16, 65; Chem. Centrbl., 1865, 331; Jsb., 1864, 186. 

: 8. J. Nickies. (Spectrum.) 

Compt. rend., 58, 182; Instit., 1864, 11; Bull. Soc. chim. [2], 1, 454; 
J. prakt. Chem., 92, 505; Ann. der Phys. Pogg., 121, 336; Chem. 
Centrbl., 1864, 404; Chem. News, 9, 54; Phil. Mag. [4], 28, 168; 
Jsb., 1864, 246. 

: 9. OxrrincerR. (Molybdate and wolframate.) 

Zeitschr, Chem. Pharm., 1864, 440; J. Pharm. [8], 46, 463 ; Jsb., 1864, 


10. Biscnorr. (Occurrence.) 

Ann. Chem. Liebig, 129, 375; Ding]. pol. J., 172, 73; Chem. Centrbl., 
1864, 815 ; Bull. Soc. chim. [2], 1, 349; J. Pharm. [8], 46, 308 ; Jsb., 
1864, 245. 

11. Kunimann. (Thallous fluoride.) 
Compt. rend., 58, 1037; Bull. Soc. chim. [2], 3, 57 ; Chem. News. 10, 
37; Jsb., 1864, 253. 
12. Crookes. (Spectrum.) 
Chem. News, 9, 54; Jsb., 1864, 246. 

1864 : 

1864 : 

1864 : 

1865 : 

LS Go. 

1865 : 

1865 : 

1865 : 

1865 : 

1865 : 

1865 : 

1865 : 

1866 : 





J. prakt. Chem., g1, 385; 92, 128, 351; Chem. Centrbl., 1864, 737; 
Bull. Soc. chim. [2], 2, 272; 3,58; J. Pharm. [8], 46, 463; Chem. 
News, 10, 278; Jsb., 1864, 246. 

Bull. Soc. chim. [2], 2, 89 ; Jsb., 1864, 250, 

J. Nickirs. (Chloro- and bromo-ethers of Tl.) 

Compt. rend., 58, 537; Instit., 1864, 89; J. Pharm. [4], 1, 22; Bull. 
Soc. chim. [2], 1, 467; Chem. News, 9, 241; J. prakt. Chem., 92, 
301 ; Chem, Centrbl., 1864, 412 ; Jsb., 1864, 252. 


Ann. chim. phys. [4], 5, 5; Bull. Soc. chim. [2], 4, 166; Zeitschr. 
Chem., 1865, 488 ; Jsh., 1865, 242. 

STRENG. (Occurrence in furnace products.) 

Dingl. pol. J., 177, 329; Zeitschr. Chem., 1866, 95; Jsb., 1865, 242. 

R. Bunsen. 

Ann, Chem. Liebig, 133, 108 ; Zeitschr. Chem., 1865, 106 ; Ding]. pol. 
J., 175, 244; Viertschr. Pharm., 14, 592 ; Chem. Centrbl., 1866, 31 ; 
Ann. chim. phys. [4], 4,499 ; Bull. Soc. chim. [2], 3, 418; Phil. Mag. 
[4], 29, 168 ; Jsb., 1865, 242. 


Chem. News, 12, 242; Zeitschr. Chem., 1866, 64; Jsb., 1865, 243. 

Bucuner. (Fluorides.) 

Wien. Akad. Ber. [2], 52, 644; J. prakt. Chem., 94, 404; Chem. 
Centrbl., 1866, 240: Jsb., 1865, 244. 

W. iH. Mitter. (Crystalline form.) 

Proc. Roy. Soc., 14, 555; Phil. Mag. [4], 31, 149; Jsb., 1865, 244. 

A. Lamy. (Phosphorus compounds.) 

Compt. rend., 60, 741 ; Bull. Soc. chim. [2], 4, 198; Jour. Pharm. [4], 
I, 431 ; Zeitschr. Chem., 1865, 888 ; Chem. Centrbl., 1865, 597 ; Phil. 
Mag. [4], 29, 879; Ann. chim. phys. [4], 5, 410; Jsb., 1865, 246. 

HEBBERLING. (Estimation of Tl.) 

Ann. Chem. Liebig, 134, 11 ; Chem. Centrbl., 1865, 657; N. Arch. ph. 
nat., 23, 113; Jsb., 1865, 249. 

A. Strecker. (Some Thallic salts.) 

Ann. Chem. Liebig, 135, 207; J. prakt. Chem., 96, 334; Chem. 
Centrbl., 1865, 881 ; J. Pharm. [4], 2, 340; Phil. Mag. [4], 30, 256 ; 
Chem. News, 12, 186; Am. Jour. Sci. [2], 41, 114; Jsb., 1865, 252. 

Nickirs. (Behavior toward mercury.) 
J. Pharm. [4], 4, 127; Jsb., 1866, 238. 






H. E. Roscor. (Thallous perchloride.) 

Chem. Soe. J. [2], 4, 127; Chem. News, 14, 217, 242 ; J. prakt.Chem., 
101, 56; Zeitschr. Chem., 1866, 753; N. Arch. ph. nat., 28, 176; 
Jsb., 1866, 238. 

1866: 3. Birnspaum. (Action of H,O, on TI.) 
Ann. Ch, u. Pharm., 138, 133; Jsb., 1866, 239. 
1866: 4. Bunsen. (Spectrum.) 
Jsb., 1866, 779. 
1866: 5. Lamy. (TI. Glass, Tl. and Pb. Glass.) 
Bull. Soc. chim. [2], 5, 164; Instit., 1866, 320; Zeitschr. Chem., 1866, 
251; Chem. Centrbl., 1866, 799; 1867, 482; Phil. Mag. [4], 32, 385; 
Jsb., 1866, 865. 
1866: 6. Dersray. (Thallium phosphomolybdate.) 
Bull. Soc. chim. [2], 5, 404; Zeitschr. Chem., 1866, 478 ; Zeitschr. 
anal. Chem., 5, 381; J. prakt. Chem., 100, 64; Chem. Centrbl., 
1866, 880 ; Vierteljahrschr. pr. Pharm., 16, 425; Jsb., 1866, 794. 
1866: 7. Borrerr. (Behavior of Tl. towards S. and sulphide of 
Jsb. phys. Ver. Frankfurt-a-M., 1865-66, 56; Jsb., 1866, 860. 
1866: 8. Srrerr. 
J. prakt. Chem., 100, 191 ; Zeitschr. Chem., 1867, 884 ; Chem. Centrbl. 
1867, 623; Jsb., 1867, 279. 
1867: 1. Crooxrs, (Behavior of TI. salts in presence of KMnO,.) 
Chem. News, 15; Zeitschr. Chem., 1867, 412; Bull. Soc. chim. [2], 7, 
394; N. Arch. ph. nat., 29 [?], 179; Jsb., 1867, 250. 
1867: 2. W6ntER. (Preparation from pyrites.) 
Ann. Ch. Pharm., 142, 263; Bull. Soc. chim. [2], 9, 462; Phil. Mag., 
34, 222; Jsb., 1867, 274. 
1867: 3. Reenautp. (Amalgams.) 
Compt. rend., 64, 611; Instit., 1867, 109; J. Pharm. [4], 5, 251; J. 
prakt. Chem., ror, 255; Zeitschr. Chem., 1867, 349; Bull. Soc. 
chim. [2], 8, 179; Jsb., 1867, 275. 
1867: 4. Orro. (Position among the elements.) 
J. prakt. Chem., 102, 185; Bull. Soc. chim. [2], 9, 212; Jsb., 1867, 
1867: 5. Carsransen. (Thallium and its compounds. ) 
J. prakt. Chem., 102, 65, 129; Zeitschr. Chem., 1868, 69; Jsb., 1867, 
1867: 6. WéoutEr. (Thallous chloride.) 

Ann. Chem. Liebig, 144, 250; J. prakt. Chem., 104, 127; Zeitschr. 
Chem., 1868, 124; Bull. Soc. chim. [2], 9, 463; Jsb., 1867, 281. 

1867 : 

1867 : 

1867 : 

1867 : 

1868 : 

1868 : 

1868 : 

1868 : 

1869 : 

1869 : 

1869 : 



7. Carstansen. (Thallium acids.) 
J. prakt. Chem., ror, 55; Am, Jour. Sci. [2], 44, 269; Jsb., 1867, 282. 

8. F. Unrex. (Tl. molybdanoxy-fluoride. ) 
Ann. Chem. Liebig, 144, 204, 320; Wien. Akad. Ber. [2], 55, 767; J. 
prakt.Chem., ror, 61; Chem.Centrbl., 1867, 977; [Wien. Akad. Anz., 
1867, 108]; N. Arch. ph. nat., 31, 152; Jsb., 1867, 236. 
9. Lamy. (Thallium.) 

Wien Akad. Anz., 1867, 187; J. prakt. Chem, ror, 61 ; Instit., 1867, 
384; Jsb., 1867, 921. 
10. 8S. Merror. (TI. and Mg. alloy.) 
Chem. News, 15, 245; J. prakt. Chem., 103, 508; Zeitschr. Chem., 
1867, 475; Bull. Soc. chim. [2], 8, 259; Jsb., 1867, 896. 
1. Wouter. (Oxidation of Tl. in the circuit of a galvanic 
current. ) 
Ann, Chem. Liebig, 146, 263, 375 ; Zeitschr. Chem., 1868, 385 ; Chem. 
Centrbl., 1868, 889 ; Bull. Soc. chim. [2], 10, 352 ; Jsb., 1868, 193. 
2, J. W. Gunnine. (Extraction of Thallium.) 
Scheikundige bijdragen nit het Laboratorium van het Atheneum 
illustre te Amsterdam, I., 95; Arch. neerlandaises des sci. exactes et 
nat., III., 86; Zeitschr. Chem., 1868, 370 ; Zeitschr. anal. Chem., 7, 
480; J. prakt. Chem., 105, 348; Bull. Soc. chim. [2], 10, 359 ; 
Chem. News, 17, 1388; Jsb., 1868, 247. 
3. Lamy and Dzs CroizEaux. (Chem., opt. and cryst. study of 
salts of Tl.) 
Comptes. rend., 66, 1146; Ann. chem. phys. [4], 17, 310, 434 ; Jsb., 
1868, 252. 
4, H. Fremmrc. (Molybdate and silicate of TI.) 
Jenaische Zeitschr. f. Med. u. Naturw., 4, 83; Zeitschr. Chem., 1868, 
292; Bull. Soc. chim. [2], 10, 235; Jsb., 1868, 250. 
1. H. Fizeav. (Heat expansion of Thallium.) 
Compt. rend., 68, 1125; Ann. der Phys. Pogg., 138, 26; Jsb., 1869, 86. 


H. C. Sorsy. (Borax-bead reaction for Thallium. ) 

Chem. News, 19, 309; Ber., 2, 337; Zeitschr. anal. Chem., 9, 100 ; 
Jsb., 1869, 912. 

A. Lamy. (Thallous oxide paper as a reagent for ozone.) 

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1869 : 


aS alts 


‘ | 
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MST : 

1872 : 

1372 : 





(Thallium in pigments.) 

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1874 : 


1874 : 

1875 : 

1875 : 

1875 : 



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1876 : 

1876 : 

1876 : 


OTT : 


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1879 : 

1880 : 

1880 : 

1881 : 


1882 : 

1882 : 


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1882 : 


1884 : 

1884 : 

1884 : 

1884 : 



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1886 : 

1886 : 

1886 : 

1887 : 

1887 : 


1888 : 

1888 : 

1888 : 

1888 : 

1888 : 

1888 : 

1888 : 


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1890 : 

1890 : 



1891 : 



1891 : 

1892 : 

1892 : 



1892 : 



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1892 : 

1893 : 

1893 : 

1893 : 

1893 : 

1895 : 


1893 : 

1893 : 

1893 : 

1893 : 


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Pripram. Tartrate. 


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1898 ; 

1893 : 


1894 : 

1594 : 

1894 :- 

1894 : 

1894 : 



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1890 : 

1895 : 

1895 : 

1895 : 

1896 : 

1896 : 


1896 : 

1896 : 



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Action of nitric acid on Thallium, 15 
Aschoff and Jannasch. Separation of 

chlorine and iodine by Thallous sul- | 

phate, 20. 

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blende, 19. 

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lium, 20. 

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moniate, 19. 

Biltz, H. Density, 
Weight, 28. 

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oxide on Thallium, 10. 

Bischoff. Occurrence, 8. 

Blake, J. Physiological action of salts, 

v. Blase and Beilstein. 
moniate, 19. 

23; molecular 

Thallium anti- | 

Thallium anti- | 

Boéttger. Occurrence, methods of ob- | 
taining from flue-dust and lead- | 

chamber deposits, some compounds, 
7; occurrence, 6; behavior towards 
sulphur and sulphide of gold, 10; pre- 
servation of lustre under water, 12; 
behavior of oxide, 14. 
de Boisbaudran, L. Spectrum, 13. 
Bolton. Uranate, 13. 

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pyrophosphate, 19. 

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pounds, 10; Thallium acids, 11. 

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spectrum, 8: behavior of salts in 
presence of potassium permanganate, 
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chloride, 7. 

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trinitride, Thallous tellurate, and 
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vegetable colors, 8. 

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ethyl, 14. 

Thallium tri- 

Gassiot. Spectrum, 6. 

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Giorgis, G. Acid Thallium carbonate, 

Grandeau, Poisonous properties, 7 

Gunning, a Wi extractions ae 

Hapgood, C. W., 

Nitrate, 22. 
Hansen, Chr. Ethyl compounds, 12. 
Hartley, W..N. Spectrum, 17, 22. 
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alcohol radicals, 14. 

Hautfeuille and Troost. 
wards hydrogen, 14. 

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Herepath. Occurrence, 6. 

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and Thallium-tin alloy, 19 ; Thallium- 
cadmium and Thallium-lead alloy, 20; 
freezing-points of alloys, 22. 

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ammonia on Thallous sulphate, 21. 

and A. A. Noyes. 

Behavior to- 

Inglestr6m. Occurrence, 2 

Jannasch and Aschoff. Separation of 
chlorine and iodine by Thallous sul- 
phate, 20. 

Joly, A. Thallium hypophosphate, 2 

Jorgensen, M. Thallous-thallic iodide, 

Kayser, H. Spectrum, 21. 

Kluss, K. Dithionate, 18. 

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v. Kobell, F. Occurrence, 12. 

Kosman. In crude zine, 18. 

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minerals by Thallium-silver nitrate, 

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mination of Thallium, 5; lead cham- 
ber deposits, 7; Thallous fluoride, 8. 

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lium solutions, 17. 

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lium, 15. 

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chloro-chromate, 21. 

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traction, 5; toxicological effects, 6 ; 
alcoholates, 8; phosphor us com- 
pounds, 9; Thallium glass, 10; Thal- 
lous oxide a reagent for ozone, 11. 


Lamy, A., and Des Cloizeau. Chemi- 
cal and optical study of Thallium, 11, 

Lepierre. Atomic 

v. Lang, V. 
sulphate, 7. 

Lepierre and Lachaud, 
chloro-chromate, 21, 

Lescouer. Diacetate, 14. 

Liveing and Dewar. Spectrum, 16. 

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lium tartrate, 19; determination : 
solubility of Thallous iodide, 20. 

weight, 21. 
Crystal form of Thallous 

Chromate, 20; 

Matthiessen and Vogt. Electrical con- 
ductivity, 6. 

Mauro, F. Fluor-oxymolybdate, 21, 

Mayrhofer. See Donath, 17. 

Mellor, 8. Thallium-magnesium alloy, 

Meyer, V.,and H. Ciltz. Vapor den- 
sity, 19. 

Miller. Spectrum, 6; crystal form of 
salts, 9. 

Muir, John. Chlorate, 15. 

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chloride, 18; determination of Thal- 
lium, 18. 

Neville and Heycock. Thallium sodium 
and Thallium in alloy, 19; alloy with 

cadmium and lead, 20; freezing- 
points of Thallium aes s, 22. : 

Nickles, J. Spectrum, , behavior to- 
wards mercury, 9. 

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14; determination of Thallium, 15, 
Nilson, L. F. Thallium  plato-iodo-ni- 

trite, 15, 16. 

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morphism of Thallous nitrite and di- 
phenyl-nitrite, 22. 

Oettinger. Molybdate and wolframate, 
Ostwald. Electrical conductivity of 

Thallous hydrate, 18. 
Otto. Position among the elements, 10. 

Page, A. G. Chlorides, 17. 

Parmentier, F. Thallium 
lybdate, 16. 

Paulet. Poisonous properties, 7. 

Penfield and Kreider. Separation of 
minerals by Thallium silver nitrate, 

Penfield and Wells. Tri-iodide, 22. 

Phipson. Determination, 15. 

Piccini, A. Acid oxides, 18. 

Playfair, D. Occurrence, 16. 

Polis, A. Thallium chrome alum, 16. 

Pratt, J. H. Double halides with alkali 
metals, 23. 



Preiss, K., and R. Schneider. Thallium 
sulpho-platinate, 12. 

Pribram. Tartrate, 21. 

de la Provostaye. Crystal form of some 
organic salts, 5 

Rammelsberg, C. Iodate and double 
halides, 12 ; isomorphism of Thallium 
salts with those of univalent ele- 
ments ; hypophosphite, 13 ; Thallium 
phosphate and the alkaline  phos- 
phates, 12; position among the ele- 
ments, 12; phosphate, 16, 17; hypo- 
phosphate, acid and normal phos- 
phates, 20. 

Ramsay, W. Molecular weight, 19. 

Rathke. Compounds with thiourea, 17. 

Rauter. Action of Thallous oxide on 
silicon tetrachloride, 20. 

Regnault. Specific heat, 5; amalgams, 

Reid. 9. 

Retgers, J. W. Solubility of Thallous 

iodide in methyl iodide, 21; Thallous 
silver nitrate for mineral separations, 
21; double nitrate of Thallium with 
silver, lead, and mercury, 23. 

de la Rive, L. Specific gravity and 
electrical conductivity, 6. 

Roberts-Austin, W. C. Periodic prop- 
erties, 18, 

Roepper. Occurrence, 6, 

Roozeboom, H. W, B. Thallous chlor- 
ate and potassium chlorate, 20, 

Roscoe, H. E. Perchloride, 10: vapor 
density of Thallous chloride, 15. 

Rosenbladt. Thallous-cobalt nitrate,18. 

Ross. Boiling-point, 16. 

Salter, T. W. 
ments, 15. 
Seacchi, E. Crystallographic study of 
the fluoxymolybdate, 22. 

Schaffner, M. Preparation, 12. 

Scharizer. Crystallographic examina- 
tion of Thallous tartrate, 22. 

Schneider. Thallium-sodium sulphide, 
14; Thallium-potassium sulphide, 19. 

Schonbein. Behavior in the presence of 
oxygen and hydrogen peroxide, 8. 

Schone, E. Action of oxygen on Thal- 
lium paper, 15. 

Schramm, J. “Occurrence and position 
among the elements, 17. 

Schroder, H. Isomorphism of Thal- 
lum and ammonium salts, 14. 

Schroeder, M. Thallium paper as an 
indicator intitration with sodium sul- 
phide, 16. 

Schoértter. Occurrence, 7; preparation, 

Schucht, L. Electrolytic determination 
of Thallium. 16; electrical behavior, 

The chromates as pig- 

Schumann. Extraction from zine, 18. 

Seubert and Elten. Sulphite, 20, 

Sorby, H. C. Borax bead test, 11. 

Soret and Dupare. Specific gravity of 
Thallium alum, 19. 

Spezia, G. Determination of iodine in 
presence of chlorine by Thallous 
nitrate, 13. 

Sponholz. Volumetric determination, 
20; volumetric determination by bro- 
mine water, 21. 

Spring, W. Alum, 17. 

Stavenhagen, A. Arsenite, 23. 

Stolba. Preparation ; Thallium alum, 


Streit. 10. 

Streng. Occurrence, 9. 

Sudborough, Actionof nitrosyl chlor- 
ide on Thallium, 20. 

Thallic salts, 9. 

Thomsen, J. Heat of neutralization of 
Thallous hydrate, 12; thermo-chem- 
ical study of some Thallium com- 
pounds, 14, 16. 

Thorpe, T. E. 
Thallium, 14. 

Tommasi, D. Heat of formation of 
Thallous hydroxide, 17. 

Troost and Hautefeuille. Behavior of 
Thallium toward hydrogen, 14. 

Isometric relations of 

Ullek, F. Molybdanoxyfluoride, 11. 

Valson, C. A. Refraction of Thallium 
salts in solution, 13. 

Vogel, Otto. Occurrence; spectrum, 

Vogt and Matthiessen. Electrical con- 

ductivity, 6. 

Walker and Carnelley. Dehydration of 
Thallous oxide, 18. 

Warren, H.N. Thallium in platinum, 

Weber, R. Pyrosulphate, 17. 

Wells and Penfield. Tri-iodide, 22 

Werner, —. A. Determination in pres- 
ence of lead, 18. 

Werther, G. Determination as iodide, 

Wilde. Spectrum, 22. 

Willm. Ammonium 
Thallic-chloride, 7, 9. 

Winkler. Reduction of the oxide by 
magnesium, 20. 

Wohler. Preparation, Thallous chlo- 
ride, 10; oxidation in galvanic cur- 
rent, 11; preparation, 13. 

Wyrouboff. Compounds of Thallous 
carbonate, 19. 

derivatives of 

Zschiesches. Double sulphides of Thal- 
lium with cerium and didymium, 11. 







Awe: LANGMUIR, Pa.D:, 


a cee INCRE 

cEAN ’ 



The Rnickerbocker Press, Hew Work 


Wasuineron, May 10th, 1899. 

The Committee on Indexing Chemical Literature, appointed in 1882 
by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, unani- 
mously recommends for publication by the Smithsonian Institution the 

following : 
by A. C. Langmuir, Ph.D., and Charles Baskerville, Ph.D. 
H. Carrineton Botton, 

Mz. 8. P. Lanetey, 
Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution. 


ah oa 


a ‘> 


An “Index to the Literature of Zirconium ” was begun independently 
by the two authors. Learning of this, and in order to avoid further 
unnecessary duplication, it was decided to combine the references then 
on hand and to divide the remaining labor. The resulting product is 
thought to contain most of the important references to the element, and 
is offered to the Committee of the American Association for the Ad- 
vancement of Science on Indexing Chemical Literature in hopes of its 
proving of value. ‘The references are brought up to January Ist, 1899. 

Besides our private libraries, we have sought references to the subject 
in the libraries of Columbia, Johns Hopkins, and the North Carolina 
Universities and the North Carolina Geological Survey. To the gen- 
tlemen in charge of these libraries we wish to extend our thanks for 

their courtesy and co-operation. 



APRIL, 1899. 

Wiel be aus 
~ > hie 

‘ye midal z 
Aer ae ‘haan ae ae 2 
hot algeaalll 
\ hel , 

; ; " 



1792 : 
1795 : 
797 : 
197 : 
m7 99) : 
» 1808 : 
1807 : 
1808 : 

mS18: 11. 





io 2) 


1819 (2): 

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18. Hare. (Fusion of Zircon.) 

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1822 : 


1824 : 


1826 : 

1826 : 

1826 : 

1827 : 

1828 : 



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mSol : 


Woo2 > < 

Hisso: < 

1833 : 

1834: 3 

11834 : 

1839 : 




1843 : 






o aule 








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1852 : 



Mazapr. (Occurrence in spring-water. ) 
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1852: 58. Ss6cren. (Peculiarity of Zirconia from katapleiit. ) 

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Jsb., 1853, 349. 

es ee ee eee oe 

1853: 59. Bern. (Researches. Existence of norium denied.) 
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1853: 60. Henry. (Occurrence in spring-water.) 
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1853: 61. Frimy. (Sulphide.) ! 
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24, 114; Jsb., 1853, 328. 
1854: 62. Brusu. (Qualitative test.) 

Am. J. Sci. [2], 18, 415; J. prakt. Chem., 62, 6-9; J. de Pharm. [3], 
26, 154; Chem. Centrbl., 25, 495. 

— ee 

1854: 68. Dausrer. (Artificial production of Zircon.) 
Compt. rend., 39, 153; Instit., 1854, 241; J. prakt. Chem., 63, 1; 
Phil. Mag. [4], 19, 315; Jsb., 1854, 9. 
1855: 64. Scurérrer. (Occurrence in zoisite.) 

J. prakt. Chem., 64, 316-9; Sitzl. akad., Wien., 14, 352-7; Chem. 
Centrbl., 26, 224: Jsb., 1854, 822 

£85 ; 

1856 : 

1857 : 

1857 : 

1857 : 

1858 : 

1859 : 



1859 : 

1860 : 

1861 : 











Forses. (Occurrence in alvit.) 
J. prakt. Chem., 66, 446. 

CHANDLER. (Analysis.) 

Inaug. Dissert., Gottingen. 

Warren. (Double sulphate with potassium.) 
Ann. der Phys. (Pogg.), 102, 449-53 ; Jsb., 1857, 158. 

DevittE and Troost. (Comparison with titanium.) 
Compt. rend., 45, 821. 

Devitie and Troost. (Chloride vapor-density.) 

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(Liebig), 105, 217; Phil. Mag. [4], 15, 459; Instit., 1857, 280; Arch. 
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Devitte and Caron. (Artificial preparation of Zircon.) 

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phys. [4], 5, 109; Instit., 1858, 183; Rep. chim. pure, 1, 16; J. 
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Maier. (Metal. Nitride.) 

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Chem. (Liebig), 113, 362; J. de Pharm. [3], 37, 233; Rep. chim. 
pure, 2, 160; Chem. Centrbl., 1860, 94; Jsb., 1859, 145. 

PotryKa. (Opening up Zircon.) 

Jsb., 1859, 277. 

Devitte. (Vapor density of chloride.) 

Compt. rend., 45, 821; Ann. chim. phys. [3], 58, 281, 282; Ann. der 
Phys. (Pogg.), 108, 639; Jsb., 1859, 150. 

STROHMEYER. (Separation from iron.) 

Ann. Chem. (Liebig), 113, 127; Chem. Centrbl., 1860, 285 ; Jsb., 1859, 

G. Rose. (Isomorphism with silica.) 

Ann. der Phys. (Pogg.), 107, 602-4; Chem. News, 1, 131; Jsb., 1859, 

Marienac. (Fluoride. Researches. Norium.) 

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Chem, (Liebig), 116, 359; Arch. ph. nat. [2], 8, 121-5; Rep. chim. 
pure, 3, 39; Phil. Mag., [4], 20, 87; J. prakt. Chem., 80, 426; 
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Norpensks6ip. (Crystalline form of oxide.) 

Ann. der Phys. (Pogg.), 114, 625, 626; J. prakt. Chem., 85, 431; Jsb., 

1861, 201. 


1861: 79. 
1864: 80. 
1864: 81. 
1865 : 82 
1865: 83 
1865: 84. 
1865: 85. 
1865 : 86. 
1865: 87 
1866: 88. 
1866: 89 


Devitte. (Artificial production of Zircon.) 

Compt. rend., 52, 780; Rep. chim. pure, 3, 219; Instit., 1861, 141 ; 
J. prakt. Chem., 86, 35; Ann. Chem. (Liebig), 120, 176; Chem. 
News, 5, 57; Phil. Mag. [4], 21, 496, 497; Chem. Centrbl., 1862, 
660 ; Jsb., 1861, 2, 3. 

Pisanr. (Separation from titanium, Determination.) 

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News, 10, 91, 218; Bull. Soc. chim. (Paris), 2, 353, 354; Chem. 
Centrbl., 1865, 289-91. 

Nytanper. (Existence of two earths in Zirconia.) 

Acta Universitatis Lundensis. 

Troost. (Metal.) 

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212; Arch. ph. nat., 24, 376; Ann. Chem. (Liebig), 136, 349; J. 
prakt. Chem., 97, 171; Chem. News, 12, 45; Monit. sci. (Quesne- 
ville), 7, 752; Ztschr. Chem., 1865, 561; Phil. Mag. [4], 30, 207; 
Am. J. Sci. [2], 50, 261; Jsb., 1865, 182-4. 

Hermann. (Composition of minerals.) 
J. prakt. Chem., 95, 123; Chem. Centrbl., 1865, 735. 

Devitte and Caron. (Artificial production crystallized 


Ann. chim. phys. [4], 5, 109, 117. 

Pureson. (Preparation of metal.) 

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(Paris), 5, 853; Monit. sci. (Quesneville), 7, 1007; Chem. News, 12, 
171; Ztschr. Chem., 9, 80; Chem. Centrbl., 1866, 63; Jsb., 1865, 

HERMANN. (Ferrocyanide.) 
J. prakt. Chem., 95, 127; Jsb., 1865, 709. 

Hasorrpaun. (Sodium salts.) 

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1865, 251; Chem. News, 12, 58, 69; J. de Pharm. [4], 3, 148; Bull. 
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Hermann. (Preparation from Zircon.) 
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Hermann. (Identity of zirconium and norium.) 

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News, 14, 33; Ztschr. Chem., 1866, 443; Jsb., 1866, 191. 


1868 : 

1868 : 

1868 : 

1869 : 


1869 : 

1869 : 



1869 : 


90. Herrmann. (Separation from earths.) 
J. prakt. Chem., 97, 387; Ztschr. anal. Chem., 5, 381-4; Bull. Soc. 
chim. (Paris), 6, 385-7 ; Chem. News, 14, 33; 360s 1866, 797-8. 
91. Werssky. (Occurrence in kochelite.) 
Jahrb. Miner., 1868, 607 ; Jsb., 1868, 1013. 

92. Fizean. (Expansion of Zircon by heat.) 
Compt. rend., 66, 1005; Ann. der Phys. (Pogg.), 135, 380; Phil. 
Mag. [4], 36, 31; Jsb., 1868, 52. 
93. Caron. (Zirconia light.) 
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sci. (Quesneville), 1868, 496, 899; Ztschr. Chem., 11, 536; Chem. 
News, 17, 276; Wagner's Jsb., 14, 754, 756 ; Jsb., 1868, 979. 

: 94. Srreir and Franz. (Separation from titanium.) 

J. prakt. Chem., 108, 75; Ztschr. anal. Chem., 9, 388-90; Ztschr. 
Chem., 13, 256; Chem. Centrbl., 1870, 98, 319; Jsb., 1869, 915. 
95. Trsstz pu Moray. (Zirconia light.) 
Wagner's Jsb., 15, 730; Chem. News, 19, 107, 218, 310; Dingl. 
Polyt. J., 191, 252 
96. Darker. (Zirconia light.) 
Chem. News, 19, 499; Dingl. Polyt. J., 194, 519; Wagner’s Jsb., 
15, 730. 
97. Harrison. (Zirconia light.) 
Mechan. Mag., 1869, 458: Polyt. Centr., 1869, 1461; Wagner's Jsb., 
TH) dol. 

: 98. PayEn. (Zirconia light.) 

Genie industriel, 1869, 161; Polyt. Centr., 1869, 966; Dingl. Polyt. 
J., 193, 483; Wagner’s Jsb., 15, 752. 
99. Voer. (Zirconia light.) 
Koln. Zeit., 1869, No. 159; Wagner’s Jsb., 15, 750-1. 
100. ——. (Zirconia light.) 
Pharm. J. [2], 11, 81-2. 
101. Tuan. (Spectrum.) 
Ann. chim. phys. [4], 18, 228. 
102. Sorsy. (A new element, jargonium, in ee 
Lond. Roy. Soc. Proc., 17, 511; Ann. der Phys. (Pogg.), 138, 58-65 ; 
Chem. News, 19, 121-3, 142, 181; Ber., 2, 126, ue 337, a Bull. 
Soc. chim, (Paris), 12, 86; Ztschr. Chem., 1869, 221, 403; Ann. 
chim. phys. [4], 18,487; Am. J. Sci. [2], 48, 405; Wagner's Jsb., 
15,1; Jsb., 1869, 261. 



1869 : 

1869 : 




103. Fores. (Jargonia.) 
Intellectual Observer, 9, 291; Chem. News, 19, 277. 
104. Sorsy. (Spectrum of mixtures of Zirconium and uranium.) 
Ber., 3, 146; Bull. Soc. chim. (Paris), 14, 40; Chem. Centrbl., 1870, 
369 ; Lond. Roy. Soc. Proc., 18, 197; Phil. Mag. [4], 39, 65. 
105. Cuurcu. (Idem.) 
Chem. News, 20, 9. 

: 106. Metuiss. (Metal. Salts.) 

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Ann. Chem. (Liebig), 153, 288; Ztschr. Chem., 1870, 296; Jsb., 
1870, 328; Chem. Centrbl., 1870, 392. 

107. Hueerns. (Spectrum.) 
Lond. Roy. Soc. Proc., 18, 548. 

108. Franz. (Metal. Preparation of pure salts.) 
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468; Chem. Centrbl., 1870, 181; Wagner’s Jsb., 16, 1, 2; Jsb., 
1870, 329. 

: 109. Wuonper. (Isomorphism with titanic and stannic oxides.) 

J. prakt. Chem. [2], 2, 206-12 ; Chem. News, 22, 215; Ztschr. Chem., 
1870, 286; Jsb. Min., 1870, 1000 ; Gazz. chim.-ital., 1, 527; Chem. 
Centrbl., 1870, 663. 

: 110. Menpetiserr. (Fluoride.) 

Ber., 4, 933. 

: 111. Rarn. (Occurrence in diorite.) 

Ann. der Phys. (Pogg.), 144, 250. 

1: 112. Kwop. (Artificial production of crystals.) 

Ann. Chem. (Liebig), 157, 363 ; 159, 36; Bull. Soc. chim. (Paris), 15, 
190; Ztschr. Chem., 1871, 397; J. Chem. Soc. (Lond.), 24, 805 ; Jsb., 
1871, 322. 

: 113. Troost and Haurrerevitie. (Oxychloride.) 

J. prakt. Chem. [2], 4, 298 ; Compt. rend., 73, 563; Instit., 1871, 49; 
Bull. Soc. chim. (Paris), 16, 240; J. Chem. Soc. (Lond.), 24, 1000 ; 
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: 114. Troost and HauTEFrEvILLeE. (Spectrum. ) 

Compt. rend., 73, 620; Instit., 1871, 77; Arch. ph. nat., 42, 178; 
Bull. Soc. chim. (Paris), 16, 229; Ztschr. Chem., 1871, 465; J. 
Chem. Soc. (Lond.), 24, 1147 ; Jsb., 1871, 169. 

: 115. Ramuutspere. (Separation from niobic and tantalic acids.) 

J. Chem. Soe. (Lond.), 25, 195 ; Ber., 4, 875. 

1873 : 






: 116. RamMetsserc. (Action of heat on amorphous oxide.) 

Ber., 5, 1006. 

: 117. RammMetssperc. (Sulphate.) 

Ber., 5, 1005. 

2: 118. Troost and Haurereuitie. (Action of silicon chloride on 

oxide. ) 
Compt. rend., 75, 1819; Ber., 6, 34; Gazz. chim. ital., 2, 27; Jsb., 
1872, 226. 

: 119. Norprensxs6Lp. (Occurrence in nohlite.) 

Bull. Soc. chim, (Paris), 18, 178. 

120. Martarp. (Behavior of oxide with sodium carbonate. ) 

Compt. rend., 75, 472; Gazz. chim. ital., 3, 84. 

121. Hannay. (Zirconia.) 

J. Chem. Soc. (Lond.), 26, 703-10; Chem. News, 27, 232; Ber., 6, 
571; Am. Chemist, 4, 194; Jsb. rein. Chem., 1, 73; Gazz. chim. 
ital., 3, 468. 

122. Mixrrr and Dana. (Specific heat.) 

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chim. (Paris), 21, 68; Jsb. rein. Chem., 1, 73; J. Chem. Soc. 
(Lond.), 27, 118; Am. J. Sci. [8], 7, 506-7; Gazz. chim. ital., 3, 
577 5 5, 107; Jsb., 1873, 58. 

123. Paykuty. (Compounds: Hydroxide, oxychloride, double 
chlorides, sulphate, arsenate, and ortho-phosphate. ) 

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: 124. Jannerraz. (Propagation of heat by Zirconia.) 

Ann. chim. phys. [4], 29, 33. 


25. Troost and HavurereviLite. (Spectrum.) 
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(5: 126. Enprmann. (Soluble basic salts.) 

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1875, 219. 

: 127. Nizson. (Selenites.) 

‘** Researches on Salts of Selenious Acid,” Upsala, 1875. 

: 128. Nizson. (Platinate.) 

Ber., 9, 1143; Bull. Soc. chim., 27, 209 ; Jsb., 1876, 294. 


1876: 129. Hornpercer. (Comparison with silicon. Preparation 
pure chloride. Alkaline tartrates. Cyanogen compounds.) 
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(Lond.), 30, 275; Chem. News, 33, 261; Gazz. chim. ital., 7, 166, 
232 ; Chem. Centrbl., 1876, 435 ; Jsb., 1876, 240. 
1877: 130. Pururr. (Technology.) 
Jsb., 1877, 1121. 
1877: 131. Draper. (Zirconia cylinders for oxyhydrogen light.) 
Am. J. Sci. [3], 14, 208 ; Chem. Centrbl., 1877, 673. 
1877: 132. Vincent. (Behavior towards trimethylaniline.) 
Bull. Soc. chim. (Paris), 27, 194; Chem. Centrbl., 1878, 263. 
1878: 133. Puinirp. (Zirconia light.) 
Monit. sci. (Quesneville), 20, 481. 
1878: 134. Matrier. (Occurrence in sipylite.) 
Am. J. Sci. [3], 14, 897 ; Chem. Centrbl., 1878, 7. 
1879: 135. FrreprL and Crarrs. (Action of chloride on organic 
compounds. ) 
Bull. Soc. chim. (Paris), 31, 5381; Ber., 12, 373. 
1879: 136. Paykuitit. (Compounds.) 
Ber. 12, 1719. 

1880: 137. Awnesrrém. (Oxide, diamagnetic.) 
Jsb., 1880, 338 ; Dammer II., 1, 619. 
1880: 138. Sorrr. (Spectrum. ) 

Arch. ph. nat. [3], 4, 261; Jsb., 1880, 214. 
1880; 139. Nitson and Perrersson. (Specific heat.) 
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1880: 140. Vincent. (Behavior towards dimethylaniline. ) 

Bull. Soc. chim., Paris, 33, 156-8; Ztschr. anal. Chem., 19, 479; 
Chem. Centrbl., 1880, 279. 

1881: 141. CrarkE. (Atomic weight.) 
Phil. Mag. [5], 12, 101; Am. Chem. J., 3, 263; Jsb., 1881, 7. 
1881: 142. Crookers. (Phosphorescent spectrum.) 
Bakerian Lecture, May 31, 1883, Lond. Roy. Soc. Proc., 32, 206 ; 

Ann. chim. phys. [5], 23, 555; Compt. rend., 92, 1281: Chem. 
News, 43, 237; Jsb., 1881, 181. : 

1882: 143. Wetter. (Action of hydrogen peroxide on.) 
Ber., 14, 2592; Jisb., 1882, 1292. 

1882 : 

1882 : 

1885 : 


144. CrassEen. (Electrolytic separation. ) 
Ber., 14, 2783 ; Zeit. anal. Chem., 22, 421; Chem. Centrbl., 1882, 233. 
145. Levy and Boureerots. (Microchemical reaction.) 
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146. BotspaupRANn. (Separation from gallium.) 

Compt. rend., 94, 1154; Chem. News, 45, 207; Jsb., 1882, 1296. 

3: 147. Donara and Mayruorer. (Afiinity.) 

Ber., 16, 1588 ; Jsb., 1883, 26. 

: 148. Crarke. (Atomic weight.) 

Chem. Ztg., 8, 930. 

: 149. Svroipa. (Opening up Zircons.) 

Chem. News, 49, 174; J. Chem. Soc., 46, 821; Jsb., 1884, 1594. 

150. Grosnaus. (Density.) 

Rev. Trav. chim. pays bas., 4, 236; Jsb., 1885, 53. 

: 151. Crookes. (Spectrum when samarium is present.) 

Compt. rend., 100, 1380; Lond. Roy. Soc. Proc., 38, 414; Chem. 
News, 51, 301; Jsb., 1885, 332. 
152. Demargay. (Separation from titanium.) 
Compt. rend., 100, 740-742; Rep. anal. Chem., 1885, 186; Chem. 
Centrbl., 56, 283; Jsb., 1885, 1929. 
153. Ciive. (Peroxide.) 

Bull. Soc. chim. (Paris), 43, 57; Ztschr. anal. Chem., 28, 699; Jsb., 
1885, 492. 

: 154. Linnemann. (Qualitative composition. Opening up 
Zircons. ) 
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460; J. Chem. Soc., 48, 1042; Chem. News, 52, 233, 240; Chem. 
Centrbl., 56, 666, 667. 
: 155. Linnemann. (Absorption spectra of Zircons.) 

Monatsh. Chem., 6, 531, 536; Ber., 18, c, 605; J. Chem. Soc., 48, 
1173; Chem. News, 52, 220; Chem. Centrbl., 56, 907; Jsb., 1885, 
OO a 


5: 156. Battey. (Separation and estimation by hydrogen per- 

oxide. ) 
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(Liebig), 232, 352; Ber., 19, c, 319; Chem. Ztg., ro, 1, 148, 677; 
Pharm. J. [3], 16, 1022; Chem. Centrbl., 57, 172, 451. 

1886 : 

1886 : 



3: 157. Battey. (Separation and estimation by hydrogen per- 

oxide. ) 
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Sci., 26, 470; Ztschr. anal. Chem., 28, 699; Ann. Chem. (Liebig), 
232, 352; Ber., 19, c, 881; Chem. Centrbl., 57, 682; Jsb., 1886, 

158. Lrynemann. (Zirconia light.) 
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Centrbl., 57, 265, 264; Wagner’s Jsb., 32, 381-4; Jsb., 1885, 2167. 
159. HaurrerreviItLe and Marcorrer. (Phosphate.) 

Compt. rend., 102, 1017-1019 ; Ber., 19, c, 387; J. Chem. Soc. (Lond.), 
50, 670; Chem. News, 53, 252; Chem. Centrbl., 57, 468; Jsb., 
1886, 447. 

: 160. Van per Praats. (Atomic weight.) 

Ann. chim. phys. [6], 7, 501; Zeitschr. anal. Chem., 26, 276. 

: 161. Troosr and Ovvrarp. (Double potassium phosphate.) 

Compt. rend., 102, 1422-7; Ber., 19, c, 659; J. Chem. Soc., 50, 853 ; 
Chem. Centrbl., 57, 594; Jsb., 1886, 458, 454. 

: 162. Meyer and Wirkins. (Action of carbon tetrachloride on 

Ber., 20, 683 ; Jsb., 1887, 379. 

: 163. Dirrr. (Behavior towards sulphuric acid. Selenate.) 

Compt. rend., 104, 172; Jsb., 1887 [1], 547, 549; Dammer, II, 1, 


7: 164. Rammetsperc. (Separation from thorium, cerium, ete.) 

Sitzber. Akad. Wissin., Berlin, 1886, 441 ; Ber., 20, c, 4138. 

: 165. Prccint. (Action of hydrogen peroxide.) 

Gazz. chim. ital., 17, 486; Jsb., 1887, 551. 

: 166. Demargay. (Action of carbon tetrachloride on Zirconia.) 

Compt. rend., 104, 113; Ber., 20, c, 96; Chem. Centrbl., 58, 214; 
Jsb., 1887, 380. 

: 167. Witiceropt. (Action as a chloridizing agent.) 

J. prakt. Chem. [2], 35, 391; Ber., 20, c, 312; Chem. Centrbl., 58, 
720 ; Jsb., 1887, 618. 

: 168. Wetsuit. (Crystalline forms of Zireonyl chloride and 

bromide ; also sulphate.) 

Ber., 20, a, 1894-6; J. Chem. Soc. (Lond.), 52, 778 ; Chem. Centrbl., 
Ho Oen Sb. Soi DS 

1887 : 

1837 : 

1888 : 

1888 : 

1888 : 


169. Troost and Ouvrarp. (Double sodium phosphate. Com- 
parison with thorium. ) 

Compt. rend., 105, 30-4; Ber., 20, c, 534; J. Chem. Soc. (Lond.), 
52, 1017; Chem. News, 56, 57; Chem. Centrbl., 58, 1015; Jsb., 
1887, 554-6. 

170. Hryspere. (Attempt to prepare Zirconium ethyl. Iodide.) 
Ann. Chem. (Liebig), 239, 253-6; Ber., 20, c, 418; J. Chem. Soc. 
(Lond.), 52, 896; Chem. News, 56, 219; Chem. Centrbl., 58, 1016; 

Jsb., 1887, 553. 

: 171. Troosr and Ouvrarp. (Zircon not isomorphous with 

thorium silicate. ) 

Compt. rend., 105, 255; Chem. Centrbl., 58, 1098; Jsb., 1887, 556 ; 
Ber., 20, c, 534. 

: 172. Wetssacu. (Welsbach burners.) 

Ber., 20, c, 406 ; Chem. News, 55, 192; Chem. Centrbl., 1887, 1125; 
Jsb., 1887, 2670 ; German Patent, 39. 162. 

173. HaAurerrviILte and Prerrery. (Artificial preparation of 
Zircon. ) 
Compt. rend., 107, 1000, 1001 ; Ber., 22, c, 94: J. Chem. Soc. (Lond.), 
56, 355 ; Chem. News, 59, 11; Monit. sci. (Quesneville), 33, 199; 
Chem. Centrbl., 1889 [1], 127; Jsb., 1888, 6388. 

174. Buiémsrranp. (Constitution of silicates containing Zir- 
Ztschr. Kryst., 15, 838, 84; Chem. Centrbl., 1889 [1], 821; Jsb., 1888, 
175. Kerrporr. (Application in gold metallurgy.) 
Ber., 21, c, 498; Wagner’s Jsb., 34, 369; Jsb., 1888, 2650; German 
Patent, 48, 2381. 

: 176. CaRrNELLEY and WaLkKER. (Action of heat on hydrate.) 

J. Chem. Soc. (Lond.), 53, 68, 82; Ber., 21, 131. 

: 177. Scumipr and Harenscu. (Emissive power of Linnemann’s 

Ann. der Phys. (Pogg.), Berbl., 12, 244; Jsb., 1888, 2888. 

: 178. RidRpAN. (Preparation from eudialyte.) 

Chem. Centrbl., 1889, 533. 

: 179. Wetsspacu. (Preparation of pure nitrate.) 

Chem. Ztg., 13 [2], 1192 ; American Patent, 409, 653. 

: 180. Srotpa. (Opening up Zircon.) 

Listy chemické, 13, 117, 118; Chem. Centrbl., 1889, 1, 297. 


1889 : 

1890 : 

1890 : 

TS 9O!- 

1890 : 


1890 : 

1891 : 

1891 : 




181. Davis. (Separation from aluminium.) 
Amer. Chem, J., 11, 26-9; Ztschr. anal. Chem., 29, 454, 455; Ber., 
22, c, 300; J. Chem. Soc. (Lond.), 56, 551: Chem. News, 59, 100, 
101 ; Chem. Centrbl., 60, 1, 454; Jsb., 1889, 2388. 

89: 182. Day. (Production in United States.) 

Mineral Resources, U.S. 6th report ; J. Soc. Chem., Ind., 8, 591. 

9: 183. Bamxry. (Atomic weight. Oxychloride. Peroxide.) 

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J. Chem. Soc. (Lond.), 58, 705; Ztschr. anal. Chem., 29, 743-7 ; 
Nature, 36, 568; Ber., 22, c, 655, 666; Ztschr. physikal Chem., 4, 
494; Chem. Centrbl., 1889 [2], 311, 312; Jsb., 1889, 113-6; Brit. 
Assn. Trans., 1887, 636. 

184. Haurerrevrtieand Perrey. (Action of hydrochloric acid 
gas on oxide.) 
Compt. rend., 110, 1088; Ber., 23, c, 428; J. Chem. Soc. (Lond.), 58 
sO iulee 
185. Warren. (Precipitation by magnesium.) 
Chem. News, 61, 183; Ber., 23, c, 560; Jsb., 1890, 42. 

186. Hirscuwaxp. (Solubility in microcosmic salt bead.) 
J. prakt. Chem. [2], 41, 360; Jsb., 1890, 2421. 

187. WuinkLER. (Reduction of oxide by magnesium.) 
Ber., 23, b, 2664-8 ; J. Chem. Soc. (Lond.), 58,1375 ; Chem. Centrbl., 
1890 [2], 644, 645; Jsb., 1890, 432. 
188. Inwray. (Preparation from ores.) 
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189. Kocus. (Zirconia light.) 
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190. VenasiE. (Preparation of pure chloride.) 
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191. Drosspacu. (Zirconia pencils.) 
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192. Brnrens. (Microchemical reaction.) 
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193. Morenrap. (Analysis of Zircon.) 
J. El. Mitchell Se. Soc., 8, 24. 

1891 : 


1891 : 

1891 : 



1893 : 


1893 : 


194. Winker. (Action of magnesium on oxide. Hydride.) 
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195. VeENasiE. (Occurrence.) 
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196. Ouvrarp. (Alkaline Zirconates.) 
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: 197. Ovvrarp. (Alkaline earth Zirconates. ) 

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Soc. (Lond.), 60, 1481 ; Chem. News, 64, 61; Chem. Centrbl., 1891 
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198. Water. (Zirconium light.) 
Eng. and Mining J., 51, 520. 
199. Curustscuorr. (Artificial production’ Zircon.) 

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[2], 880, 881. 

: 200, BasKERVILLE. (Comparison of methods of analysis.) 

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3: 201. McKean. (Color of light emitted.) 

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202. VENABLE. (Examination of chlorides.) 
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203. Morssan. (Volatilization in electric furnace.) 

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204. Troosr. (Preparation of metal in electric furnace.) 
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205. Troost. (Preparation of oxide in electric furnace.) 
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Chem. News, 68, 28; Ztschr. anorg. Chem., 5, 241; Bull. Soc. 
chim. (Paris), [3], 9, 794; Ber., 26, d, 669; Chem. Centrbl., 1893 
[2], 356. 






1894 : 


1895 : 


1896 : 





206. Picuarp. (Molybdate.) 

Compt. rend., 117, 788-90; J. Chem. Soc. (Lond.), 66 [2], 96; Bull. 
Soc. chim. (Paris), [8], 11, 184; Ztschr. anorg. Chem., 6, 200; Ber., 
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207. Reap. (Behavior of oxide at high temperatures.) 
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208. Wiurr. (Emissive power in Welsbach burner.) 

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209. BaskeRvILLE. (Separation by sulphur dioxide.) 

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210. Venasie. (Chlorides. Separation from silicon and iron.) 

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211. Sire and Harris. (Action of phosphorus pentachloride 
on oxide.) 

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212. VenasieE and BaskeRvILLE. (Sulphites.) 

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13. VeEnasie. (Chlorides.) 
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214. Larsson. (Niobate.) 
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215. Barnes. (Use as a mordant.) 
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216. Puccini. (Action of hydrogen peroxide on fluoride.) 
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217. Lanpoxr. (Zirconia light.) 
Ztschr. anal. Chem., 35, 714. 

1896 : 

1896 : 

1896 : 


1896 : 


1896 : 

1896 : 

1896 : 

1896 : 

1896 : 




218. Pureson. (Abundant source in Norwegian granite.) 
Chem. News, 73, 145; Bull. Soc. chim. (Paris), [3], 16, 1756; J. Chem, 
Soc., 70 [2], 422; Chem. Centrbl., 1896 [1], 1052. 
219. Mortssan and Lenearetp. (Carbide.) 
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220. HattopEan. (Tungstates.) 
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22; Chem. News, 74, 12; Monit. sci. (Quesneville), 47, 686; J. 
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221. VeEnasieE and T. CLrarxke. (Various Zirconates of Alkalies 
and alkaline earths.) 
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222. Sr. Joun. (Illuminating power of oxide.) 
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223. TrausBe. (Opening up Zircons.) 
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224. Mijtter-Jacozs. (Tannate.) 
American Patent, 558, 197: Ber., 29, d, 448. 

225. Morssan. (Carbide.) 

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Chem. Soc. (Lond.), 70 [2], 428; R. Meyer’s Jahrb., 6, 78. 
226. Wetts and Foorr. (Double fluorides.) 

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(Lond.), 70 [2], 179; Chem. Centrbl., 1896 [1], 239; R. Meyer’s 
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227. Dennis and Spencer. (Tetraiodide.) 

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29, d, 1097; Chem. Centrbl., 1896 [2], 651, 652; R. Meyer’s Jahrb., 
6, 82. 

228. FRresentus and Hinrz. (Determination in thorium nitrate.) 

Ztschr. anal. Chem., 35, 535. 

229. GuasEeR. (Determination in monazite.) 

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Chem. Ztg., 20, 612-14; Chem. Centrbl., 1896 [2], 803. 

1897 : 

1897 : 


1898 : 

1898 : 

1898 : 

1898 : 

1898 : 

1898 : 



230. VENABLE and BasKERVILLE. (Oxalates.) 

J. Amer. Chem. Soc., 19, 12-18; J. El. Mitchell Sc. Soc., 14, 4-12; 
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231. Dertarontrarne. (Separation from thorium.) 
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232. Wetts and Foote. (Double fluorides.) 
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1897 [2], 94, 95. 
233. Trucnot. (Occurrence.) 

Revue générale des Sciences ; Chem. News, 77, 146. 

234. VENABLE. (Atomic weight.) 

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Mitchell Sc. Soc., 14, 27-46 ; Chem. Centrbl., 1898 [1], 708, 709; J. 
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235. VENABLE and BELpDEN. (Properties of dioxide.) 
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J. Chem. Soc. (Lond.), 78, a [II], 597. 
36. WENABLE and BASKERVILLE. (Oxyhalides.) 

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Chem. Centrbl., 1898 [II], 87; J. Chem. Soc. (Lond.), 78, a [11], 
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: 237. Bouponarp. (Determination in monazit.) 

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: 238. Possrrro. (Qualitative analysis.) 

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: 239. Haper. (Behavior toward chromates and some organic 

acids. Formate.) 
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Soc. (Lond.), 78, a [II], 295. . 
240. Hinrz. (Influence of dioxide on emissive power of in- 
candescent gas mantels. ) 
J. Chem. Soc. (Lond.), 78, a [II], 587. 
241. DE GRAmont. (Detection, spectroscopically. ) 
J. Chem. Soc. (Lond.), 78, a [11], 636. 
242. Hoxrmauistr. (Niobate.) 
J. Chem. Soc, (Lond.), 78, a [II], 388. 

: 243. P. H. Warker. (Separation from iron and uranium.) 

J. Amer. Chem. Soc., 20, 514; J. Chem. Soc. (Lond.), 78, a [II], 540. 

1898 : 

1898 : 

1898 : 

1898 : 

1898 : 


244. Marruews. (Derivatives of the tetrachloride.) 
J. Amer. Chem. Soc., 20, 815. 

245. Marrnews. (Derivatives of the tetrabromide.) 
J. Amer, Chem. Soc., 20, 839. 

246. Marruews. (Preparation of nitrides.) 
J. Amer. Chem. Soc., 20, 8438. 

247. Marruews. (Separation of iron from Zirconium.) 
J. Amer. Chem. Soe., 20, 846. 
248. Lanpoir, Ostwatp, and Srusertr. (Atomic weight.) 

Ber., 31 [3], 2762. 


Figures refer to the numbers in the second column. 

Angstrom, 187. 

Bailey, 156, 157, 183. 

Ballard, 42. 

Barnes, 215. 

Baskerville, 200, 209, 212, 230, 236. 
Becquerel, 35. 

Behrens, 192. 

Belden, 235. 

Berlin, 59. 

Berthemot, 33. 

Berthier, 36, 46. 

Berzelius, 11, 238-31, 34, 37, 39-41, 48, 44. 

Bloémstrand, 174. 
Boisbaudran, 146. 
Boudonard, 237. 
Bourgeois, 145. 
Brush, 62. 

Carnelley, 176. 
Caron, 70, 84, 938. 
Chandler, 66. 
Chevreul, 20. 
Chrustschoff, 199. 
Church, 105. 
Clarke, 141, 148. 
Clarke, T., 221. 
Classen, 144. 
Cléve, 153. 
Crafts, 135. 
Crookes, 142, 151. 

Damour, 53. 

Dana, 122. 

Darker, 96. 
Daubree, 63. 

Davis, 181. 

Davy, 10. 

Day, 182. 

de Gramont, 241. 
Delafontaine, 231. 
Demargcay, 152, 166. 
Dennis, 227. 
Deville, 68-70, 73, 79, 84. 
Ditte, 163. 

Donath, 147. 
Draper, 1381. 
Drossbach, 191. 
Dubois, 21. 

Endemann, 126. 

Fizean, 92. 
Foote, 226, 232. 
Forbes, 65, 103. 
Franz, 94, 108. 
Frémy, 61. 
Fresenius, 228. 
Friedel, 135. 

Glaser, 229. 
Gmelin, 2. 
Groshaus, 150. 
Guyton, 5, 6. 

Haber, 2389. 

Haensch, 177. 

Hallopean, 220. 

Hannay, 121. 

Hare, 18. 

Harris, 211. 

Harrison, 97. 

Hautefeuille, 1138, 114, 118, 125, 159, 
173, 184. 

Henneberg, 52. 

Henry, 60. 

Hermann, 49, 83, 86, 88-90. 

Hintz, 228, 240. 

Hirschwald, 186. 

Hjortdahl, 87. 

Holmquist, 242. 

Hornberger, 129. 

Huggins, 107. 

Imray, 188. 
Jannettaz, 124. 

Keeport, 175. 
Klaproth, 1, 3, 8, 9. 
Knop, 112. 

Kochs, 189. 

Landolt, 217, 248. 
Larsson, 214. 

Lengfeld, 219. 

Levy, 145. 

Linnemann, 154, 155, 158. 

Mallard, 120. 
Mallet, 71, 134. 
Margottet, 159. 
Marignac, 76. 

Matthews, 244-247. 
Mayrhofer, 147. 
Mazade, 57. 
McKean, 201. 
Melliss, 106. 
Mendelejeff, 110. 
Meyer, 162. 
Mixter, 122. 
Moissan, 208, 219, 225. 
Morehead, 193. 
Miiller-Jacobs, 224. 
Muspratt, 54. 

Nilson, 127, 128, 139. 
Nordenskj6ld, 77, 119. 
Nylander, 81. 

Ostwald, 248. 

Ouvrard, 161, 169, 171, 196, 197. 

Payen, 98. 
Paykull, 123, 136. 
Péchard, 206. 
Perrey, 173, 184. 
Pettersson, 189. 
Pfaff, 19. 
Philipp, 180, 133. 
Phipson, 85, 218. 
Piccini, 165, 216. 
Pisani, 80. 
Possetto, 238. 
Potyka, 72. 

Rammelsberg, 115-117, 164. 
Rath, 111. 

Read, 207. 

Riordan, 178. 

Rivot, 56. 

Rose, 45. 

Rose, G., 75. 

Scheerer, 47, 48, 50. 
Schmidt, 177. 


Schrotter, 64. 
Seubert, 248. 
Silviera, 21. 
Sjogren, 55, 58. 
Smith, 211. 
Sorby, 102, 104. 
Soret, 138. 
Sprengel, 32. 
St: John..222. 
Stolba, 149, 180. 
Streit, 94. 
Strohmeyer,‘ 22, 74. 
Svanberg, 51. 

Tessié du Motay, 95. 

Thalén, 101. 

Traube, 228. 

Trommsdorff, 7, 38. 

Troost, 68, 69, 73, 79, 82, 118, 114, 118, 
125, 161, 169, 171, 204, 205. 

Truchot, 233. 

Van der Plaats, 160. 

Vanquelin, 4. 

Venable, 190, 195, 202, 210, 212, 213, 
221, 280, 234-236. 

Vincent, 132, 140. 

Vogt, 99. 

Walker, 176. 
Walker, P. H., 248. 
Waller, 198. 
Warren, 67, 185. 
Websky, 91. 
Weibull, 168. 
Weller, 148. 

Wells, 226, 232. 
Welsbach, 172, 179. 
Wilkins, 162. 
Willgerodt, 167. 
Winkler, 187, 192. 
Witt, 208. 
Wunder, 109. 


Figures refer to the numbers tn the second column. 

Affinity, 147. 

Alkaline-earth Zirconates, 197, 221. 

Alkaline tartrates, 129. 

Alkaline Zirconates, 196, 221. 

Aluminium, separation from, 181. 

Analysis, 8, 52, 55, 66, 198. 

* Analysis, comparison of methods of, 

Analysis, qualitative, 288. 

Arsenate, 123. 

Artificial preparation of Zircon, 63, 70, 
79, 84, 112, 178, 199. 

Atomic weight, 30, 31, 37, 39, 43, 141, 
148, 160, 188, 234, 248. 

Behavior towards chromates and some | 

organic acids, 239. 
Behavior towards dimethylaniline, 140. 
Behavior towards sulphuric acid, 163. 
Behavior towards trimethylaniline, 132. 
Behavior with bromine, 42. 
Bromides, 33. 
Bromine, behavior with, 42. 

Carbide, 219, 225. 

Carbon tetrachloride, action of, on, 162, 

Chloride, preparation of pure, 190. 

Chlorides, 69, 115, 123, 129, 202, 210, 213. 

Chloridizing agent, 167. 

Chromates, 239. 

Comparison with thorium, 11, 169. 

Compounds, 136. 

Constituents of Zircon, 2, 154. 

Crystalline form of oxide, 77. 

Cyanogen compounds, 129. 

Cylinders, 131. 

Decompose, attempt to, 10. 
Decomposition, electro-chemical, 35. 
Density, 150. 

Derivatives, 244, 245. 

Detection, 241. 

Determination, 80, 157, 200. 
Determination in monazite, 229, 237. 
Determination in thorium nitrate, 228. 
Dimethylaniline, behavior towards, 140. 
Dioxide, 240. 

Discovery, 1. 

Electric furnace, preparation of metal 
| in, 204. 
| Electric furnace, preparation of oxide 
in, 205. 
Electric furnace, volatilization in, 203. 
| Electro-chemical decomposition, 35. 
Electrolytic separation, 114. 
Emissive power, 240. 

Ferrocyanide, 86. 
Fluoride, 76, 110. 
Fluorides, double, 226, 282. 
Formate, 289, 

Fusion, 18. 

Granite, source in Norwegian, 218. 

Halogen compounds, 210, 227, 236. 

| Hydrate, action of heat on, 176. 
Hydride, 194. 

Hydrogen peroxide, action on, 148, 165. 
Hydrogen peroxide, action on fluoride, 



Illuminating power of oxide, 
lodide, tetra, 227. 

| Iron, separation from, 248, 247. 
Isomorphism with silica, 75. 
Isomorphism with titanic acid, 109. 

Jargonium, 102, 103. 

Light, 938, 95-100, 183, 158, 189, 198, 217. 
Light, color of emitted, 201. 
Light, emissive power, 177. 

Magnesium, precipitation by, 185. 
Metal, 71, 82, 85, 106, 108, 204. 
Metallurgy, application in gold, 175. 
Methods of analysis, comparison of, 200. 
Microchemical reactions, 145, 192. 
Molybdate, 206. 

Monazite, determination in, 229, 287. 
Mordant, uses as, 215. 

Niobate, 214, 242. 

Nitride, 71. 

Nitrides, preparation of, 246. 
| Norium, 51, 59, 89. 



Occurrence, 3, 5, 22, 47, 50, 64, 65, 91, 
111, 119, 184, 195, 233. 

Occurrence in plants, 32. 

Occurrence in spring-water, 57, 60. 

Opening up Zircon, 180. 

Organic compounds, action of chloride 
on, 135. 

Orthophosphate, 123. 

Oxalates, 230. 

Oxide, 120, 121. 

Oxide, action of heat on amorphous, 116. 

Oxide, action of hydrochloric acid on, 

Oxide, action of magnesium on, 194. 

Oxide, action of phosphorus penta- 
chloride on, 211. 

Oxide, action of silicon chloride on, 118. 

Oxide, behavior of, at high tempera- 
tures, 203, 207. 

Oxide, crystalline form of, 77. 

Oxide, diamagnetic, 137. 

Oxide, illuminating power of, 222. 

Oxide, preparation in electric furnace, 

Oxide, propagation of heat by, 124. 

Oxide, properties of, 235. 

Oxide, reduction by magnesium, 187. 

Oxide, solubility in microcosmic salt 
bead, 186. 

Oxychlorides, 183. 

Oxyhalides, 236. 

Pencils, Zirconia, 191. 

Peroxide, 153, 183. 

Peroxide, separation by hydrogen, 156. 

Phosphate, 159. 

Phosphate, double potassium, 161. 

Phosphate, double sodium, 169. 

Phosphorescence, 52. 

Platinate, 128. 

Precipitation, 45, 156. 

Preparation, 21, 24, 36, 47-49, 72, 88, 
108, 149, 178. 

Preparation from ores, 188. 

Preparation in electric furnace, 204. 

Preparation of nitrate, 179. 

Presence in plants, 32. 

Production in United States, 182. 

Pyroracemate, 44. 

Qualitative analysis, 238. 
Qualitative test, 62. 

Reaction, microchemical, 145. 
Reduction of dioxide, 7. 

Salts, 49, 106. 

Salts, double potassium, 20. 

Salts, double sodium, 87. 

Salts, properties of, 25, 53, 58. 
Salts, soluble basic, 126. 

Selenates, 163. 

Selenites, 54, 127. 

Separation by sulphur dioxide, 209. 

Separation, electrolytic, 114, 

| Separation from earths, 90. 
| Separation from gallium, 146, 

Separation from iron, 20, 21, 46, 56, 210, 
243, 247. 

Separation from niobie acid, 115, 

Separation from silicon, 210. 

Separation from thorium, copper, etc., 
164, 231. 

Separation from titanium, 26, 74, 80, 
94, 152. 

Separation from uranium, 243. 

Silica, isomorphism with, 75. 

Silicates, 174. 

Silicofluoride, 23. 

Silicon, comparison with, 129. 

Similarity to titanium, 19, 20, 68, 109. 

Source, 218. 

Specific heat, 122, 139. 

Spectroscopic detection, 241. 

Spectrum, 101, 104, 105, 107, 114, 125, 
138, 151. 

Spectrum, phosphorescent, 142. 

Sulpharsenate, 28. 

Sulphate, 117, 123. 

Sulphate, double potassium, 67. 

Sulphide, 61. 

Sulphites, 212. 

Sulphomolybdate, 29. 

Sulphotungstate, 27. 

Sulphur dioxide, separation by, 209. 

Sulphuric acid, behavior towards, 163. 

Tannate, 224. 

Tantalic acid, separation from, 115. 
Technology, 130. 

Tellurate, 40. 

Tellurite, 41. 

Tetrabromide, 245. 

| Tetrachloride, 244. 


Tetraiodide, 227. 
Thorium nitrate, determination in, 
Thorium silicate, not isomorphous, 171. 
Titanic acid, isomorphism with, 109. 
Trimethylaniline, behavior towards, 132. 
Tungstates, 220. 



Uranium, separation from, 243. 
Uses as mordant, 215. 

Valerianate, 38. 

Vanadinate. 34. 

Vapor density, 69, 73. 

Volatilization in electric furnace, 203. 

Welsbach burners, 172, 208. 

Zirconates, alkaline, 196, 221. 

Zirconates, alkaline earth, 197, 221. 

Zirconia, two earths in, 81. 

Zirconium ethyliodide, attempt to pre- 
pare, 170. 

Zirconyl salts. 168. 


125 3, ——______—__ 







Section VIII.—Academic Dissertations. 


The Rnickerbocker Press, Hew Work 


THE SELECT BIBLIOGRAPHY OF CHEMISTRY was published in 1893 ; the 
First Supplement issued in 1899 brought the literature of CHEMISTRY 
down to the close of the year 1897; this volume, forming SECTION 
VIII. of the work, is devoted exclusively to ACADEMIC DISSERTATIONS, 
especially those from the Universities of France, Germany, Russia, and the 
United States. 

This bibliography is not an index to the chemical dissertations that 
have appeared in periodicals, but a list of those that have been printed in- 
dependently. When compiling the list of titles I was fortunate in se- 
curing permission to make copies of the card-catalogues of two large 
collections of dissertations on chemistry, those in the University Library, 
Strassburg, and those in the library of the United States Geological Survey, 
Washington City. I had also the opportunity of cataloguing several 
thousand dissertations deposited by the Smithsonian Institution in the 
Library of Congress ; the latter were chiefly of German origin. The list 
of Russian titles was contributed by Prof. A. Krupsky, of St. Petersburg, 
to whom thanks are offered. The manuscript catalogue thus obtained was 
augmented by data from printed bibliographies. 

For the convenience of residents of the United States the dissertations 
found in the libraries of the Geological Survey and of the Smithsonian 
Institution are indicated by the letters “G.S.” and “S.I.” respectively. 

The subject-index has been made from the titles only and has no 
reference to the contents of the dissertations themselves ; unfortunately 
the titles selected by the authors often fail to indicate accurately the exact 
nature of the essays, but to construct a subject-index to their contents has 
not been attempted. 

In the preparation of this work I have become indebted to many 
persons, notably to the following: Prof. K. A. Barack, Librarian-in- 
chief, and Dr. S. Landauer, who granted me extraordinary privileges 



in the Universitats- und Landes-Bibliothek, Strassburg ; Mr. Charles C. 
Darwin, Librarian of the United States Geological Survey, Mr. David 
Hutcheson, Superintendent of the reading-room, Library of Congress, 
and Dr. Cyrus Adler, Librarian of the Smithsonian Institution; the 
practical sympathy with the work in hand shown by each of these 
gentlemen made its accomplishment possible. 

During the printing of the volume I have had the assistance of Dr. 
Oscar Loew in reading the proof of the German titles, of Dr. I. 
Casanowicz, who read the Russian, and of Prof. Jas. Lewis Howe, who 
kindly read the proof of the subject-index ; to these gentlemen I here 
express my sincere thanks. 

completes the undertaking begun by the writer in 1888; the entire work 
contains rather more than twenty-five thousand entries. The collection 
of titles for a fourth volume is in progress and will afford an opportunity 
of supplying omissions; the deficiencies of the third volume are ad- 
mitted and are realized in part by the compiler. 

Throughout the progress of this bibliography the writer has had the 
cordial support of the Smithsonian Institution, and he desires to place on 
record his appreciation of the substantial encouragement given him by the 
Secretary, Mr. S. P. Langley, during the preparation of the manuscript 
and the printing of the volumes. 






When the names of two towns are affixed to a title, the first one (in parenthesis) is 
the seat of the University from which the Dissertation issues, the second is the place of 
publication. The size is 8vo unless otherwise indicated, 

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me é ‘ 

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oe . r ; . ee 
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, Sale 
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Dilatometer is misspelled ‘‘ Dilalometer”’ on the title-page. 

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eee eM emnmame e a—n agercens, SS 


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ee eee 


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al 4 


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